Online Broker Training Portal Set to Launch April 2019

Continuous professional development is required in the insurance industry. A FSP, key individual and representative must maintain the required competence to render the financial services for which it is authorised. However, finding time during working hours to earn CPD points can be challenging for intermediaries. Natsure has created a solution. An online broker portal that not only provides training but that brokers can access anytime, anywhere. Meaning you no longer have to take time out of the working day to attend events to gain CPD points.


The Natsure online broker training portal will be the first to offer FAIS CPD, Product Specific and Class of Business Training on various lines of niche specialist insurance including Aviation, Marine Cargo, HCV & Commercial, Renewable Energy, Personal Accident, Liability & PI and Outdoor & Recreation.


In addition, the portal also offers training materials for key decision makers at intermediaries such as business management for intermediaries, reinsurance and data literacy.


“As we offer various lines of niche specialist insurance, we believe our platform will be a beneficial learning opportunity for both generalist and specialist brokers to sharpen their skills and improve on current product knowledge and be experts in their chosen areas of insurance,” says Bernice van Leeuwen, COO of Natsure.  


How it works


Three to four assessments per month are made available on the online portal. Each assessment has a video or static presentation, a user manual and an assessment. Only after completion with a minimum pass rate, will the CPD points be granted and only 3 attempts will be allowed per assessment.


Once the course has been completed, the broker will still have access to the course they  have completed. This ensures the content is always available if the broker wants to refer back to the training material for remediation.


The platform will also allow brokers to register for CPD training and other events being offered by Natsure


Tersia Davey, Managing Director at Natsure added: “The online training portal is a result of our mission to transform the insurance industry with our 50 years of niche underwriting expertise. We are striving to apply our years of skill and experience and share our knowledge through easy access to training and virtual examples to improve understanding and to enable intermediaries to share this knowledge with the ultimate insureds.”


The portal will be launching at the mid April 2019. Click here to be notified when the portal is accessible for training.

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