Natsure is an underwriting management agency specialising in the following niche areas of insurance; aviation, hcv & commercial, lifestyle, personal accident and renewable energy.

Without satisfied clients and brokers we would not have a business. We clearly understand that our clients always come first; consistently delivering top quality client service is therefore a deeply entrenched part of our culture.


To be the preferred partner for specialist intermediaries, by setting a new benchmark for service delivery and innovative product solutions, in order to become one of the most respected brands in the industry – ultimately known and trusted by the end consumer.


To deliver the best solutions and service possible so that we are the smart choice, and the first choice for all our stakeholders.


Our people are the reason for our success, we are passionate about what we do and we believe we are experts in specialist insurance.  We invest in our team and their success breeds our success and as a meritocracy, our employees operate in an environment where the best are rewarded and incentivised to excel.

Our reputation is sacrosanct. We believe in always being professional. We will do a deal on the back of a handshake and will walk away from anything that could damage our reputation. A good relationship with regulators and other partners is equally important to us.

Everything that we do is done with the intention of optimising the success of each of our partnerships (with our UMA, product as well as insurer and reinsurer partners).

Our Executive Team

Tersia Davey

Marilette Pretorius
Financial Director

Dave Rijntjes
Divisional Director Natsure Aviation

Curtis Davey
Divisional Director Natsure HCV & Commercial