Comprehensive Caravan Insurance & Outdoor Vehicle Insurance

Outdoor Vehicle Insurance For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Embark on worry-free adventures with Natsure’s Carasure page, your gateway to comprehensive caravan insurance and specialized leisure vehicle insurance coverage. Our tailored caravan insurance policies go beyond the ordinary, offering comprehensive coverage that ensures your peace of mind during every journey. From camper trailer insurance to motorhome insurance, our specialized leisure vehicle insurance options are meticulously designed to cater to outdoor enthusiasts’ unique needs.

Whether you own a caravan, motorhome, camper trailer, or an off-road vehicle, our policies provide extensive protection, allowing you to explore the great outdoors with confidence. With our specialized leisure vehicle insurance, including off-road caravan insurance, your outdoor vehicles are safeguarded against various risks, providing you the freedom to travel and enjoy outdoor activities without worries. Experience unparalleled protection and freedom with Natsure’s Carasure page, where your leisure adventures are our top priority.

Caravan Insurance

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Explore the open road with confidence through our specialized Caravan Insurance. Tailored for adventurers, our comprehensive coverage ensures your caravan is protected against various risks. From theft to accidents, embark on your journeys worry-free, knowing you have the ideal caravan insurance companion by your side.

Motorhome Insurance

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Hit the highways and byways with peace of mind with our dedicated Motorhome Insurance. Your home on wheels deserves the best protection. Our comprehensive policy covers everything from storm damage to accidental incidents, allowing you to focus on the joy of travel while we take care of your motorhome’s safety.

Off-Road Caravan Insurance

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For off-road enthusiasts, our Off-Road Caravan Insurance offers specialized coverage tailored to your adventurous spirit. Navigate rough terrains confidently, knowing your off-road caravan is shielded against unexpected challenges. Enjoy the thrill of off-road exploration without worrying about unforeseen mishaps.

Camper Trailer Insurance

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Your portable haven deserves top-notch protection, and our Camper Trailer Insurance provides just that. Whether you’re on a weekend getaway or an extended road trip, our comprehensive coverage ensures your camper trailer is safeguarded against theft, damage, and other risks. Travel with peace of mind, knowing your home away from home is secure.

Summary of Benefits


Comprehensive Insurance : The Camping vehicle is covered Comprehensively for Theft, Hi-Jack, Storm damage, Hail damage, Malicious damage and Accident.

Contents COVER

The Contents of the Camping vehicle can covered for an overall limit of R30 000 with an option to increase.

Standard Contents Cover includes:

  • Bedding
  • Kitchenware
  • Clothing (normally kept inside the camping vehicle)
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Camping Equipment and accessories
  • Additional Tents

Comprehensive information provided at quoting stage

NAT-Assist Benefit

The NAT-Assist Call Centre can be reached via our 24/7 Call Centre on 010 271 3041

  • Roadside Assistance
  • Medical & Trauma Assist
  • Repatriation of the camping vehicle from a neighbouring country as a result of an accident

Comprehensive information provided at quoting stage