Secure Your Fleet with Comprehensive Heavy Commercial Vehicle Insurance

When it comes to safeguarding your fleet, Natsure stands out as a leader in providing robust Heavy Commercial Vehicle Insurance (HCV Insurance). Synonymous with reliability and tailored protection, our Commercial Fleet Coverage ensures that your assets are shielded with the utmost precision. Beyond the conventional, we offer Comprehensive Heavy Vehicle Insurance solutions designed to meet the dynamic needs of your fleet.


Our policy caters to all types of fleet owners, from owner-driver to large fleets. We believe we have the necessary expertise to underwrite risk that allows us to build a sustainable industry. We offer a number of value-added products aimed at the transport industry.



Tailored Assurance for Every Fleet: Navigating Fleet Insurance Solutions

At Natsure, we understand the diverse challenges faced by fleet owners, and our Fleet Insurance Solutions are here to provide tailored assurance. Synonymous with flexibility and protection, our Fleet Coverage Options cater to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re an owner-operator or managing a large enterprise, our Business Vehicle Insurance delivers comprehensive and customizable protection. With Natsure, you experience Commercial Fleet Protection that aligns precisely with your unique business needs.

In the realm of safeguarding goods in transit, we go beyond the basics. Our Cargo Insurance ensures that your valuable shipments are protected throughout their journey, offering Transit Protection and Freight Coverage that leaves no room for uncertainty. From the point of origin to the final destination, your cargo is secure against unforeseen risks.

Product offering

  • Heavy Commercial Vehicle Insurance – Long Distance
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicle Insurance – Short Distance
  • Best 8x8xfar (8 Tonners)
  • Goods in Transit
  • Excess Helpers
  • Personal accident (Driver & Co Driver)
  • Business all risks


  • Cover provided on a conventional,
    aggregate and profit share.
  • Can include LDV’s, PMV’s and Special
  • Retail or agreed value basis
  • Rebates offered
  • Tracking device option

Beyond Basic Coverage: Unraveling Comprehensive Haulage Insurance

When it comes to transporting goods, robust insurance is non-negotiable. Natsure’s Comprehensive Haulage Insurance is the epitome of assurance, offering Full-Spectrum Haulage Coverage that extends across every facet of your transportation needs. More than just insurance, it’s In-Depth Transport Insurance that shields your fleet from the complexities of the road. It’s Complete Freight Assurance that goes beyond expectations, ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination securely and intact.


  • Third-Party Liability
  • Towing within RSA
  • Cross Border Towing
  • Towing within RSA for LDV’s and PMV’s
  • Loss of Keys
  • Unauthorised Passenger Liability and Parking Facilities
  • Excess Free Windscreen cover 
  • Wreckage Removal
  • Fire Brigade Expenses


  • Truck Assist
  • Clean up costs
  • Windscreen Cover
  • Increased Third-Party Liability Limits
  • Non-Accident Towing


Safeguarding Your Fleet’s Journey: Mastering Transport Fleet Risk Management

Safety is paramount in the transportation industry, and Natsure’s commitment to Transport Fleet Risk Management sets us apart. Our Fleet Risk Mitigation strategies ensure that your fleet operates with precision and security. From Transportation Risk Control to Haulage Fleet Safety measures, we proactively manage risks to create a controlled and secure environment for your operations.
Choosing Natsure means choosing a comprehensive solution for your fleet. Our Fleet Insurance Solutions, including HCV Insurance and Goods in Transit Coverage, empower your business with confidence on the roads. With Cargo Insurance and Comprehensive Haulage Insurance, we stand as your ally in ensuring a secure and prosperous journey for your fleet.

Natsure’s commitment to providing Comprehensive Heavy Vehicle Insurance solutions aligns seamlessly with our dedication to enhancing the safety and security of your fleet. From Heavy Commercial Vehicle Insurance to Transport Fleet Risk Management, we are here to elevate your fleet’s protection, ensuring a smooth and secure journey in the dynamic world of transportation. Choose Natsure, where your fleet’s safety and success are our top priorities.


  • Debris removal including clean-up of spillage
  • Prevention of Loss Cover
  • Tarpaulins, nets, straps and chains
  • Load Salvage
  • Driver Fidelity Included for Theft/Hijack of Entire Load


  • Own Damage Excess Helper
  • Theft / Hijack Excess Helper


Since our inception in 1968, our mission has remained to offer the best solutions and services possible so that we are the smart choice, and the first choice for all our stakeholders.

We operate exclusively through registered intermediaries and we proud ourselves in long term partnerships with a focused approach on innovation, reliable delivery of value-driven products and client service.

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Natsure underwriters have a vast amount of experience in underwriting niche lines of business.

This means that we can design a comprehensive cover for your client’s specific needs.